Bog Turtle Farm


Miss Bex

My name is Rebecca.  Rebecca Marie when my Mom still yells at me, or Becky, or Miss Bex.  I met this gnarly guy to the left of me over 11 years ago (on-line) and we have been double trouble every since.  In 11 short years we built all of this together, and more.  Thank you for visiting our page.




Our philosophy is work hard, play harder.  Music is the key to help live every day.  Our animals are our kids and BTF is home to 3 dogs, 4 goats, several happy fox, groundhogs, frogs, birds and snakes.

Bog Turtle Farm is a a private 24 acre wooded residential property located in Williams Township, Pennsylvania.  Owners Carter Lansing and Rebecca Altmann renovated the property together which includes an 1800's stone farm house, bank barn and pond. Bog Turtle Farm got it's name from the many Bog Turtles that once lived among this land. Today, Bog Turtles are in danger of becoming extinct, that is why we dedicate our property back to the turtles.

J. Carter Lansing

My name is Carter and I...


BTF is privately owned by J. Carter Lansing and Rebecca (Becky) Altmann.
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We are a Private Residence

Bog Turtle Farm currently is not open to the public.  However, there are a few times throughout the year where we open our property to the public.  If you are interested in touring our property, perhaps using it as a background for a photography session or simply want to pet a goat, please contact us.  Additionally a renovated bank barn is available for rent, maybe for recording sessions, or small private parties, etc.  If interested, please contact us at (610) 438-1731.


Our Location

BTF is located in Williams Township, Northampton County.  We are directly inbetween Raubsville, Hellertown and Easton, PA.  We are a short ride (2.5 miles) from the scenic Delaware River.  At one point in history, our property address was considered part of Bucks County, up until the county line was moved in the late 1800's.  Our stone farmhouse dates back to 1790 and yes is visited regularly by a friendly ghost.


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